Self Help Groups (SHGs) are small groups of poor people. The members of an SHG face similar problems. They help each other, to solve their problems. SHGs promote small savings among their members. The savings are kept with the bank. This is the common fund in the name of the SHG. The SHG gives small loans to its members from its common fund. Woman animators can play more effective role in organizing women SHGs. The animator cannot organize the groups all alone. He or she will need guidance, training, reading material, etc. Subsequently, they are encouraged to form Self Help Groups to come up with individual and group enterprises to generate income opportunities apart from contributing to their own agriculture and livestock husbandry. Women empowerment can be achieved through provision of adequate education facilities, political support, and effective legislation system and employment generation for women. NGO’S and the self-help groups (SHG) play a very vital role towards women empowerment by providing basic education, vocational training, training for self-employment, legal aid, protection for women and self-awareness programs.